Pictures: Tropheus Moorii "Nkonde", Colony of 16

Further to my recent threads about TROPHEUS MOORII "NKONDE", my water parameters, buffering, etc., here are the 16 Tropheus Moorii "Nkonde" that I wrote about. In the 8 months I have owned these guys they had several tank moves, including sharing their existing 150-gallon with a T. Black "Kiriza" colony, spending some time in a 55-gallon tank, losing several of their buddies to my poor maintenance practices, etc. I am hoping that having a 150-gallon to their own with no Syno. Petricola to bother them will finally get these guys breeding. When my Kiriza had the same tank they bred like crazy until again, my lack of maintenance did in 60% of the Kiriza fry. I no longer have the Kiriza colony. Anyway, to view the images, click the thumbnails. My camera has trouble with the (a) poor lighting on my tank; and (b) the THICK glass of the tank. Anyway, here ya go.