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    Coral beauty and Lemonpeel Angel in same tank? yes or no?

    I have a 55gal FOWLR, I have a lemoonpeel angel and a clownfish. I want to add a Coral beaty. Am i asking for trouble. I know tangs you cant keep together but what about these guys? any suggestions. I want the coral beauty but i dont want to get rid of my lemonpeel..

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    most people will tell you no. i have seen up to three angels in a tank.
    they should be of different size and shape when considering this.
    i wouldn't recommend it.
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    I added a Coral Beauty and a Half Black Angel to a 55 FOWLR with a Singapore Angel. They all three fought all the time. I had them in the tank for three weeks and the Half-Black was lying in the corner on the edge of death. I sadly had to remove him to the greater fish heaven above. RIP

    They were all the same size. I strongly suggest against having more than two. It is gutsy to have more than one. If you do decide to go with the Coral Beauty make sure the two fish are diff. sizes. Keep an eye on them for the bigger will isolate the smaller from the choice spots in the rock and any food presented at feeding time.

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