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    Male Bettas+Female Bettas

    Can you keep the two together even without spawning? If you had a large group of female bettas, would the male be fine without bugging them? I have this thing where I like to have more than one of that fish so they can have... "company" if that makes sense? My betta is a very mellow fish who has only flared at his own reflection, rather than the cories who'd dart around or the mollies who'd steal at his food at times.

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    as long as you have a ratio of at least 1:2 you should be fine.
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    I would not recommend it. Reason being is that you can never be sure how a fish(or any animal) is going to react regardless of how they interact with each other at first. Natural instinct will always come into play no matter what at some point in time or another.
    I have had females who would literally tear each other apart to the death regardless of tank size and hiding places. The tank was never smaller than a 30.
    I do have a tank of females, but they get along great. I've had to remove those who were too aggressive though.
    You can keep SOME females together....but there is no guarantee that the ones you get will coexist peacefully. It's a 50/50 toss up and also depends on each individual fish's personality.
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