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    Hardwater Fish and Plants for Community Aquaria

    Here's what I think is an excellent article on community fish and plants for those of us affllicted with very hard water.

    It's a combination of rainbowfish and relatively peaceful African cichlid species, plus plants that will do OK in the hard water and the Africans don't like to eat.

    I guess livebearers would work in this tank as well. Maybe bigger ones.

    Synodontis catfish would be a good bottom feeder.

    Do you guys have any critique of the suggestions here or additions based on your experience?


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    I like Pseudotropheus saulosi. I understand they can be aggressive, though. Is this the case with respect to larger fish of other species? These would possibly be the smallest fish in the tank.

    What about kribs?

    Assuming the tank is large enough, with the rainbows, I guess African aggressiveness may not be as much of an issue. One flick of its tail, and the rainbow is at the other end of the tank.

    Boeseman's rainbows seem pretty cool. Great colors.

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