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90 gallon, 24 inches deep - Enough Light / foreground plants?

Discussion in 'Planted Aquariums' started by growitnow, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. growitnow

    growitnow AC Members

    Feb 17, 2007
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    Hello all,

    New poster, been out of aquarium commision for a few years. Currently planning either 75 gallon, or 90 gallon moderately planted, 4 X 55 watts from AH Supply, plus automated C02 injection. 75 gal and 90 gal have same footprint (36 x 18), but 90 is 24 inches deep, and 75 is 18 inches deep. Will 4 x 55 watts support decent growth of foreground plants such as glosso (Glossostigma elantinoides) in a 90gallon at 24 inch depth?

    90 gal with 220 watts = 2.44 wpg (depth 24 inches)
    75 gal with 220 watts = 2.93 wpg (depth 18 inches)

    Most foreground plants are usually listed as requiring "high" light levels. I prefer the 90 gal but would opt for the 75 gal if the prediction was I would get much better growth in the 75 because it is not so deep. I know the wpg rule is imprecise but I don't have any other experience to go on (I have read Rex's comments, great info).

    Thanks for any feedback, or experience. Any deep tankers out there? What lights have you used and with what results?

  2. Rex Grigg

    Rex Grigg Curmudgeon

    Jan 1, 2007
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    Moscow on the Willamette
    You will be fine. The WPG rule breaks down on larger tanks. And a 90 gallon is not that much deeper than a 55 gallon.

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