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black moor eye damaged help

Discussion in 'Coldwater Illness and Disease' started by sunjoo, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Aug 30, 2011
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    Sep 2, 2011
    posted on another forum but didnt get much help

    well he was fine till today did a 35% water change using aqua safe, my dad then fed the fish i go out to check on the fish 2 mins later i see a cut at the back of my black moors eye and blood coming out. i didnt want to take him out in case the eye gets worst so i left him in the tank and sectioned him away from the other fish.

    what medicine should i get?
    i hope his gonna be ok his my favourite fish

    also i checked the water conditions with tetra 6 in 1 and everything seems fine

    i have him in a 3ft tank with 2 air stones, 1 heater and the filter is a fluval u3

    the fish are 2 large koi's which i think may have caused this
    4 baby koi's
    1 shubunkin

    my tank has no decorations so i can rule that out

    this is him on the 27th:

    woke up this morning and his eye has become slightly bigger and the cut has become smaller but it is also wider.

    the cut had also become covered by skin which started to become like a bubble at the back of his eye


    Blood building up around his eye. started melafix and has become more active.


    i've started him on melafix yesterday

    on the melafix bottle it says give everyday then on 7th day change 25% and continue if it hasn't gone. do i change any water in between that time?

    he is still very active and i've been feeding him tetra gold japan 3 times a day in small portions
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