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Labor Day Sale Nerties Shrimp Plants Wood filters & lights So Cali S/P

Discussion in 'Bobs Tropical Plants' started by Mgamer20o0, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Wednesday at 4:34 PM
    This week only just for AC. shipping starts at $7. please see the sticky with the whole shipping policy.

    JBJ K-2 Viper 150W HQI MH with extra bulb $120
    hamilton technology 250w Ballast $25 shipping $12
    Tunze Wave Maker $350 shipped. includes Tunze 7095 multicontroller Tunze Driver 7240.27 Magnet Holder 6080.50 Tunze Stream 6100.10
    Eheim 2217 $75
    fluval 404 $50 needs new impeller

    Caridina babaulti "green"
    Caridina japonica AKA Amano Shrimp

    Anentome helena AKA assassin snails
    Batiki Nerites $
    Clithion Corona $
    Red Spot Nerites
    Zebra Nerites $
    Olive Nerites $
    Tylomelania zemis Orange Spotted
    Tylomelania zemis Yellow Rabbit Snail

    Co2 Proof Tubing 10 feet
    Co2 Perma Seal
    Co2 Nylon Seal
    CSM+B NKP Combo Pack $18
    Iron Chelate 13% 1/4 Pound $6
    500 ML Fertilizer Dispenser $5

    Anubias Barteri on Rock
    Anubias on Rock Large
    Anubias Barteri
    Anubias Nana
    Anubias Golden
    Anubias Heterophylla
    Anubias Short & Sharp

    Cyperus Helferi
    Cryptocoryne mioya
    Cryptocoryne Nevillii
    Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
    Hydrocotyle Verticillata aka Whorled Pennywort
    Dwarf Sags $
    Java Fern Windelov
    Micranthemum Umbrosum
    Willow Hygro
    Hygrophila Corymbosa $3
    Echinodorus marble queen $3
    Echinodorus Amazonicus $2
    Echinodorus Ozelot Red $3

    medium Malaysian Driftwood
    small Malaysian Driftwood
    10% off all driftwood packages from my website. just pm me here
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