29 gal

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    Very difficult tank can't figure it out

    So I have a tank that’s been nothing but issues and I cannot figure out what’s wrong. It’s almost 3 months old, was cycled at 1 month and was seeded from a different tank by using an older filter. It is 29 gallons 62% stocked with 180% filtration of 6 cherry barbs 6 ember tetras and 5 Harlequin...
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    Stocking question

    I currently have 5 zebra danios and 3 platies in my 29 gallon cycled tank, my water is soft, my ph is 7.2, my temperature is 75. I am thinking about adding 5 black emperor tetras and 5 black Kuhli Loaches. Is this an okay stock and would this be the limit to my stocking? I do have sand substrate...
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    Penguin biowheel 125 question

    So I have the discontinued penguin biowheel 125 on my 29 gallon aquarium. When I used aquadvisor to put in stocking ideas it kept telling me I was 60-70%stocked but that my aquarium filtration was at 80-90 %. I can’t find information on the penguin 125 anywhere. I was given the entire set up as...