african dwarf frog

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    How much should I feed Kuhli loaches in an ADF tank?

    Hi there! Fairly new to aquariums and I just rescued two ADFs from my little niece who had them in her room in a teeny tiny container. I’ve attempted to set up a planted 10g with aqua soil and sand substrate for them. In the 10g I have the two frogs, a few nerite snails, and I impulse bought 3...
  2. B

    African Dwarf Frog Sexing

    I had multiple ADFs in the past, so I know you can sex a male by the gland under his armpit. But I’ve recently found out, as I’ve recently got more ADFs, that sometimes that is not visible, making sexing more difficult. Are there any other ways to identify if my frogs are male and female?
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    African Dwarf Frog in 10 Gal

    I recently moved my only ADF from a 5.5gal to a 10 gal. Right now, she’s the only frog in it. She’s housed with 2 juvenile guppies, 2 adult mystery snails and many baby mystery snails. She seems to be lonely and I’m looking to get a few more to accompany her. How many should I get? All the...
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    African Dwarf Frog strange issue I haven't seen before.

    Over the weekend, my mom decided to get two african dwarf frogs for her 5 gallon tank that has 3 Neon Tetras and 1 betta, as I know a lot more about aquariums and ect she has me take care of it for her. Anyway, they were doing great for 3 days until this morning, 1 died. It seemed out of nowhere...
  5. C

    Does my ADF have a fungus problem?

    Hi I am a bit worried about my little fellow. He has loads of these tiny white spots on his belly. He has been acting fine and normal although recently I have had to swap him into another tank because he was getting into the internal filter, so he is probably suffering a little relocation...
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    Betta with guppies and ADFs... biting?

    Hello! I'm new here. I made a profile to ask a question. I have a betta in a 10G tank with 2 ADFS and a couple feeder guppies (nothing special... given to me by my science teacher bc her tank was getting crowded). My betta is extremely active and a very healthy looking boy except his...
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    10g Stocking Questions

    Hello! This is really my second time stocking a 10g tank but this time I want to stock it with many more fish (I used to only have 2 mollies) and I was wondering if what I have planned for it is okay. - 1 male betta - 1 african dwarf frog - 3 otos - 5 neon tetras I have a couple of questions...