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    Please help! Molly Fish Aggression

    Can someone please help? My dalmatian molly fish had fry. I wasn't planning on keeping them… But I fell in love. I purchased a 60 gallon tank which has all 12 of the molly fry. No other fish.5 males, 7 females. They are about 3 months old now. The problem I'm having, is for the past few days...
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    Mysterious deaths in Angel tank

    I have a 90 high well planted with 4 angels about 1 yr old, 5 neon 3 rams, 3 cory and algae eaters. When I started out I had 5 giant danios to cycle the tank. They did fine until one day one ended up dead with a bruise on its side. Within a week all five had been killed. No issue with the...