amano shrimp

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  1. M

    Breeding Amano Shrimp

    This isn't another thread on How to Breed them. This is my progress of my current batch. I think within a week or two before this batch reaches their final morph stage. Hope you enjoy the videos! Hatching from Eggs Eggs Development (not in order, was too many to keep track of...
  2. J

    What kind of shrimp do I have?

    I am new to owning shrimp, so I just wanted to start with the cheapest and see how it worked out for me. I bought 2 “ghost shrimp” they were in a tank with red shrimp and Amano Shrimp. Did I end up with two different shrimp? They look nothing alike. The one with white spots is a lot larger than...
  3. G

    Creatures to aerate 7 gallon?

    I have a recently started 7 gallon filtered/heated fresh tank which is moderately planted with leafy plants and has a fair amount of rocks and sand/gravel substrate. 1 female betta and a school of 6 white clouds. I am new to some of the long-term maintenance aspects and have some concerns...
  4. K

    New freshwater tank dilemma. Please help!

    I am new to the hobby, and have set up my first tank - a nano tank (6 gallons) for a betta fish. When I bought my betta I also decided to get a plant which was in one of the tanks in the fish shop. I made sure to rinse it off (I'd had issues with snail infestations when I was cycling the tank)...
  5. J

    Shrimps and Otocinclus?

    Hello everyone, I am posting here to have your opinions. I have a 15 gallon dirted tank with 12 neon tetras. The plants are growing well and so are the algae... brown, green, etc.. So, I have been thinking of getting 5 amano shrimps to eat the algae. But I also like the look of the oto. Do you...
  6. CinnamonPearl

    Shrimp Gone Missing Overnight

    I am completely and utterly baffled. So yesterday, I finally got my juvenile amano shrimp for my 38gal brackish tank (which is still freshwater). I acclimated the fifteen shrimp and put them in the tank, and last night they were all there, but this morning, they've all gone missing! I can only...