aquatic plants

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  1. S

    My plants are dying! Help!

    So I recently started up this tank, it was at first a 6.5 gallon tank, everything was fine and the plants were actually holding steady, but the tank cracked cause it was cheap plastic, and now that I've transferred everything over to a new 10 gallon tank all of my plants are turning see through...
  2. J

    Building an outdoor Subaquatic Vegetation Grow-out Tank

    I'm looking for information on building an outdoor shallow grow-out tank for salvaged seagrass. I work for a non-profit environmental organization and we are looking to expand our restoration effort into seagrass meadows. I am looking for information on building large grow-out tanks that will be...
  3. J

    Help me identify those plants plz.

    Hello guys! I need a little help identifying some freshwater plants I found at my LFS. I would also like to know if they are suited for a low tech planted tank. Thx a lot in advance!
  4. M

    I need help identifying what plant is this

    i have java ferns marimo moss ball but I have no idea what this is can someone help identify?
  5. G

    Creatures to aerate 7 gallon?

    I have a recently started 7 gallon filtered/heated fresh tank which is moderately planted with leafy plants and has a fair amount of rocks and sand/gravel substrate. 1 female betta and a school of 6 white clouds. I am new to some of the long-term maintenance aspects and have some concerns...
  6. V

    Looking for a aquatic plants Photographer

    Hi, I am looking for a Photographer who can provide me HD Quality Photos of Aquatic Plants and related materials. It will be a long term work with weekly payments. Please contact me at if you are interested. Thank you very much. Vishal