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  1. Z

    arowana is not eating food for 4 days

    My aro was healthy and was eating his food regularly but he suddenly stopped eating 4 days ago and he sometimes stay's still for a long period of time without moving at the top of the tank (he occasionally moves but not as much as he used to before he stopped eating), and also I found this in...
  2. D

    Arowana not eating

    my arowana has not been eating for 3 months and ive been trying to feed it shrimp, what can i do?
  3. A

    Arowana not having food for one week

    Dear team I am in a v sad situation now .my new Aro is not eating food from the day when I bring him onwards.its being 10 days now he is in my aquarium. Only he is the one in my Aquarium yesterday he eat some chicken heart and 2 live fish ( small) only after that even I try to feed him the...
  4. B

    PLEASE HELP my arowana acting very strange

    My silver arowana i got about a week ago is acting very strange.. he is sitting at the surface of the water curled up, yesterday he was just swimming at the surface now he isn't swimming much at all ive done a couple water changes but it didnt help, ph is 7.0 gh is about 30 kh is about 70-80...