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  1. J

    Apistogramma Borelli Cant stay buoyant?

    My Apistogramma Borelli are doing super well and I have breeding tanks with about 200 fry of different sizes right now. But since yesterday the Male. (Maybe 1 year old) has a hard time staying buoyant. He has to try harder than usual to get to the top of the tank or simply stay anywhere above...
  2. J

    Crossbreeding Borelli Opal and Non-Opal

    Hi everyone, so turns out that I have 3 Apistogramma Borelli Opal females and a Non opal male. I talked to the storeowner I bought them from and he confirmed that the male I bought from him is not an opal male. Now my question is wether they will breed, or even tolerate each other. As far as I...
  3. J

    Do I have 2 Ap. Borelli Females?

    Hi everyone, I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a pair of Apistogramma Borelli and added then to my community Tank, (Neon-Tetras, Amanos). They were a lot smaller on pickup and had no color. They were rather territorial and fought each other every now and then. But they are evenly matched and no...