bristlenose pleco

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  1. L

    Identification issues. Snowball pleco?

    I got this guy for free from a Meijer because he’s bloated and his head was stuck in a snail shell. He was given to me with the label “Plecostomus Medium”. I can’t tell if he’s a hybrid or what. To me he looks most like a Snowball or I guess maybe a Bristlenose but he doesn’t have -nose-...
  2. S

    Poop or Parasite?

    I’m on the tail end of treating my QT for Ich, and I’m noticing a lot of white, stringy poop on the bottom. I’m wondering if this is a parasite or sign of something else like fungus, bacterial infection, etc. If it is, when should I start treating for it? I want to make sure the ich is...
  3. H

    Bristlenose Pleco in flowing aquarium?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I am setting up a twenty-long riverine aquarium with a PVC manifold flow system (pictured in A River Runs Through It by Martin Thoene). I don't intend to have a very high flow rate; I just want medium uni-directional flow. I am already planning to stock with...
  4. K

    Adopted fish suggestions

    Hi all! I'm a semi-newbie. For about the past year I've had a 5 gallon tank with a betta and a bristlenose pleco (temporary to eat the algae bloom, planned to get a larger tank for the pleco). That tank has a filter and heater and is fine. I was looking for a larger tank on Craigslist and...