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  1. J

    C02 Injection

    Hello, New to Planted Aquarium 1st time injecting C02 - I have ran it for the first day today. Noticed I am overdosing on C02 which i dont want to harm my fish My KH is at 2 drops of API KH Solution and my PH is 6.6 However the solution in my C02 Indicator is yellow. I dosed 1 drop per...
  2. M

    Budget lights and c02

    I want to inject c02 into my 6 10 gallon neo/live bearer/fry tanks. I want to have a lot of cover for my fish and shrimp but don't have a ton of cash to do it. Any suggestions on lights that I can get and goo fastish growing plant suggestions that I can get for my tanks? I was also wondering if...