clown loaches

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    Clown Loach - HELP REQUEST

    Hello everyone. I have x2 clown loaches in an established (6yr) 120L tank. Weekly water changes alternating 25% and 50% every fortnight - never any problems with nitrogen cycle. All water changes treated with Tetra AquaSafe, Tetra Easy Balance, and API Aquarium Salt. But the larger Loach has...
  2. K

    Advice on stocking a 6ft oscar tank

    Hi All, I finally have the space for a big tank and am going to have one custom made in the coming weeks...very exciting stuff! Still planning out the design for the equipment, sump and cabinetry, but thought I'd get some advice now on stocking it to make sure I'm heading in the right...
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    How should I setup this 125g from scratch

    Im setting up a 125 g for my little clown loaches and probaly some other community fish. How should I set this up from the filter to substrate to light. I will have driftwood and as many plants as possible. All thoughts welcome. Thank you.