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  1. S

    Bazooka atomizer vs. Aquario neo cork diffusers

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum, and would like say thanks to everyone who will post on this thread. I currently have a 60l planted tank, medium stocked. I kind of cheaped out on the diffuser and am just get large bubbles of co2. I'm looking at two options to switch, namely a cork...
  2. HugoFish

    How to grow plants fast?

    Hello guys , i have 3 types of plant in my aquarium and it has passed 1 month since i bought them and they aren't growing . They are really healthy, but I see no change at the plant and its the same size like it was 1 month ago . I have tetra substrate like gravel and i also use fertilizer...
  3. D

    CO2 valves

    Hello - I am new to this forum. I've had a small aquarium for awhile, but am upgrading it to a larger one for more fish/plants. I will be having a CO2 line and have a few questions on valves. Are most people using solenoid valves on timers?
  4. A

    DIY questions

    OK so new to the whole planted tank thing but right now that's besides the point. I have a low tech tank so low that I made a diy air/water displacement filter. The output tube mainly puts out air with spurts of water (about 1 gallon per hour). I also want to get make one of those crappy...
  5. J

    Planted 40 hex ideas

    So I got a great deal on a 40 gallon hex. It is 3 feet wide and 21 inch tall and I would love to have it be a planted tank. I have only done one planted tank before and it is my 10 gallon medium/low light tank. I wanted to do a carpet of micro sword so it looked like grass and some other taller...
  6. W

    CO2 system for 330 g planted tank

    I have been in the planted aquarium hobby for over a decade and have had a 330 gallon tank for two years now. But I have had to return to the basics with regard to CO2 injection because the system I set up - 4 inline difusers, 2 large reactors - reduced the flow to the tank so much that there...
  7. T

    Saltwater freak setting up panted tank, advice appreciated

    Hey everyone, I grew up with FW aquariums and have a good understanding of how FW tanks work, but limited physical experience. (One 50 gal/several nano fish only tanks, as well as a crazy awesome 30gal palludarium). I've been keeping impressive SW tanks for years. My uncle has a retail lounge...
  8. Winterose

    New Planted tank, CO2/Oxygen

    Hi guys, I've just redone my tank to add plants and junk, but my questions is, Im assuming I need to take the oxygen bubbler out because the plants need CO2 not oxygen, and they will provide oxygen for the fish themselves. But I'm thinking I need to provide CO2 for the plants? how does that...