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  1. L

    Custom 550L Planted aquarium build

    550L Planted aquarium build We have recently just set up a planted aquarium for our client in London. The client was looking for a heavily planted double island style aquascape in their living space. Any feedback is appreciated (good or bad)!! Thanks all. Aquarium Specs: Tank: 550L or...
  2. R

    Discus with head down symptom (Not eating, Headstanding, Loss of Balance)

    Good day everyone, I need some help on my discus with head down symptom (Headstanding, Loss of Balance). Few days ago I noticed one of my discus is having a head down symptom. He is not eating anymore. (Beside head down there is no other obvious symptoms - ie. heavy breathing, bloat, worm or...
  3. SnakeIce

    Throw back Thursday, way back

    Mo Devlin "Aquamojo" has gotten permission to reprint TFH articles and this one is from 50 years ago. Enjoy http://modevlin.zenfolio.com/tbt-4-6-17.pdf
  4. mjordan29

    125g build

    Hey all, after about four years away from the hobby I am back. When I was in high school I sold on here and on aquabid and ran 25+ tanks in my parents basement. Now I am married and missing my fishy friends (told the wife no dogs yet). I self taught myself breeding which consists of lots of...