dwarf cichlids

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  1. J

    Crossbreeding Borelli Opal and Non-Opal

    Hi everyone, so turns out that I have 3 Apistogramma Borelli Opal females and a Non opal male. I talked to the storeowner I bought them from and he confirmed that the male I bought from him is not an opal male. Now my question is wether they will breed, or even tolerate each other. As far as I...
  2. Lady JinglyJones

    EEEEEEEEEE! New Apistos! EeeeEEEEeeee!

    Picked me up a young pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides tonight! Didn't reeeeallly mean to do it - I meant to wait on getting dwarf cichlids till after I'd changed over the gravel & redecorated the tank. But my nitrates are finally down, and I was at my local, picking up crickets for my...