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  1. M

    My CPO (dwarf crayfish) Larry, actually a Larry?

    Please tell me if it’s male or female. I’m sorry the photos are terrible. I sat for 10 minutes trying to get these!
  2. L

    Question: About My Betta

    My female betta fish is full of eggs at the moment. She's gained a lot of weight & her little white egg tube is sticking out. I do not plan on breeding her & I was wondering if I should do anything about this? She seems very uncomfortable... Swimming a bit sideways & a little slower. Should I do...
  3. F

    is it a female guppy or male guppy ?

    I m confused it is a femae guppy or male guppy :(
  4. B

    Sharing My Beautiful 55g long community tank !!

    Hey All, This is my first post on this forum starting by posting a short video clip of my 55g community tank. Hope you all like it :-) ADMINS - can delete or move the thread to appropriate category if its not in the right place :-)
  5. C

    Male Molly Chasing the same Female

    Hi there, I have a 17 Gallon with 1 silver molly male, 1 silver molly female, 1 black molly male and 1 gold dust female. I also have 2 Guppies. I've heard it's wise to have more female mollies as to males but my problem is my male silver is only chasing the silver female. He has never looked...
  6. PattyCakes81

    Are female betta Sororities really possible?

    Hi guys, Like the title says: Are female betta Sororities really possible? Or its a lucky few fish hobbies? Would really love to try this out? Thanks, Patty