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    Are Bloodfin and Glowlight tetras compatible?

    So I plan on starting a 40 gal tank soon. This is my first tank so I have no experience, but I've done tons of research so I know how to do everything... in theory. I plan on stocking it with 9 bloodfin tetras 7 glowlight tetras 12 ghost shrimp I'm just worried if the tetras will get along...
  2. F

    Help Needed With Vampire Crab Habitat Setup

    Hello I am in need of help with my future Vampire Crab habitat. I already have a tank, and initially was thinking of having the tank 50/50 for water and soil. The water side would have a heater and filter (interested in Exo Terra Turtle Cliff) The solid side would have soil on top of a...
  3. J

    First Tank, 29 gal w/ high pH, will this be safe for an angelfish??

    I'm in the process of doing a fishless cycle on my very first tank ever. It's a 29 gal freshwater tank planted with anubias nana, java moss and a red sword (I'll also be adding a jungle val this week). I'm using all seachem products including Flourite for the substrate and prime as the...
  4. K

    New freshwater tank dilemma. Please help!

    I am new to the hobby, and have set up my first tank - a nano tank (6 gallons) for a betta fish. When I bought my betta I also decided to get a plant which was in one of the tanks in the fish shop. I made sure to rinse it off (I'd had issues with snail infestations when I was cycling the tank)...
  5. V

    Too many fish for a 30 gallon tank?

    Hi! My 30 gallon tank has finished cycling, and so far I have 9 zebra danios in it. I plan on having the following fish, and I am wondering if they will be fine. 1 angelfish 2 dwarf gouramis, maybe pearl 9 zebra danio 1 or 2 bristle nose pleco(s) 4 Otocinclus or panda corys I might swap the...
  6. S

    My first tank

    Hello! I'm rather new to full tank setups and thought a site like this would help me learn a lot. That being said can I get some opinions on how I want my first real tank to be set up? It's gonna be kinda long I'm sorry So I have a zebra danio glofish (mtn dew) in a 1.5 gallon right now so that...