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    FS Blue dragon Flowerhorn

    Very beautiful blue dragon flowerhorn around 9 in for sale. Healthy and pallet trained. Also Can eat shrimp. Looking to only trade for indo datnoid 9 inches and up. Bought for $300 when the blue drag was little. Looking for best offer. if you are interested feel free to message me at 9292773980
  2. R

    Flowerhorn eating fruits? (Especially grapes)

    I read that oscars can eat a variety of fruits, but I always had trouble feeding mine fruits. However my I gave my flowerhorn a grape for the first time yesterday and he seems to like them. But I couldn’t find anything online about feeding fruits to Flowerhorns so what are your experiences on...
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    Hey, guys please I need help I don't want to lose him! His name is Peanut, he is a FlowerHorn fry about 1 to 1.5 inches long! I bought him about a month and a half ago. Since I got him he's always had trouble eating then for a good week he started eating every day. the last two weeks I haven't...
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    Sick young flowerhorn?

    I just bought a young (3 1/2 inch) flowerhorn 5 days ago. She is currently in a 70 gallon tank that was cycled with 6 giant danios for 5 weeks. The danios were removed just prior to me putting her in the tank. She was terrified and not eating from the moment I brought her home. After some...
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    My Flowerhorn :) Can you tell what strain or type is it ?

    Hey All, :-) This is my flowerhorn and I'm totally in love with him, he's got great personality and I love the colors any idea what type or strain its called ?