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    Algae, help

    I have had this tank set up for almost a year, and within the last 2-3 months it has seen a major algae bloom. Does anyone know what type of algae this is and how to treat it? And is it deadly to other fish/animals? I am looking to add shrimp to the tank.
  2. H

    Nerite snails being inactive for days

    Hello there guys, my tank has enough light, CO2, and every supplements that keeps the neon tetras, guppies, spiney-headed hillstream loaches, dwarf sucking catfish, and plants in my tank happy and healthy. I also add some salt to make sure my neon tetras can avoid fungus and so on. And I am...
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    New 39 Gallon Tall

    Hello, I am cycling a 39 gallon tall aquarium. I want to have a single Electric Blue Acara as the focus, and add a single larger school and a mid size goby/birchir (6-8") or 3-4 mid size loaches (4-5"). I am just wondering if this will be large enough. I have attached an image but keep in mind I...
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    Help!!! New aquarium

    Hey guys, I’m new here and to the aquarium life. And I’m in love. But over the last couple of months I’ve been struggling to get the levels right. But finally within the last two weeks I got the ammonia levels just perfect. Except I just did a 50% water change and the ammonia has spiked again...
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    What Carpet Plants grow in Pea Gravel?

    I'm creating a self sustaining aquarium. Well, have been for about 7 months now. The tank is roughly 20 Gallons, I have a ~2 in level of sand/kitty litter, with a ~1 1/2 in level of Pea gravel on top of it. I have Amazon Grass planted, Java Moss, and what I can only think is Anubis planted in...
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    Algae Tablets Freshwater “New Tank”

    I have a two plecos mixed in with a few other fish. They have all been moved to a brand new 60 Gallon Tank “treated with conditioner, bacteria, and set at the right temp”. I have previously used Algae Wafers for the two Plecos in a tank and it caused one of the balloon belly Mollys to die. Is...