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  1. rockarolla70

    Help/Suggestions needed - Setting up a new Betta splendens tank

    Hi All, Need help from the experts here. I am trying to bring up 8 gallon tank for my existing single Betta splenden, the specs are as given below. I would like some suggestions on heaters, thermometer & lighting which are good enough for this below setup. Tank Size: 18 inch (Length) x 9 inch...
  2. O

    More eficient heating system is need it

    Hello guy and girls I am looking for a way to heat up my acuarium in a more eficient and therefore less power used way. The reason beeing is that my house is 100% power off-grid and the biggest consumer of all is the Acuarium heater and the filtration system. I was thinking about a bottom heater...
  3. FishyWarrior

    Recommended heater for a 40 gal?

    I'm really confused about what heater would be best for a 40 gallon tank. I bought a 200 watt aqueon heater but i'm starting to have my doubts that i picked out the right one, and i don't know if i fully trust the guy at the pet store who suggested it, haha. Is it bad to have a wattage meant for...
  4. S

    My first tank

    Hello! I'm rather new to full tank setups and thought a site like this would help me learn a lot. That being said can I get some opinions on how I want my first real tank to be set up? It's gonna be kinda long I'm sorry So I have a zebra danio glofish (mtn dew) in a 1.5 gallon right now so that...
  5. T

    Aquarium Heater Issue

    So yesterday I bought the aquatop 100 w heater for my 20 gallon long aquarium. I followed the instruction manual and also placed the heater near air stone so it has circulation. So what is happening is the heater, at least from what I understand so far, is that I'll turn the heater on let's say...
  6. chub04

    Left heater on. Still good to use?

    So I have an aquatop 75 watt heater in my 20 gal tank. I did a water change and forgot to unplug the heater. I smelt something burning and realized my heater was still running. It was out of the water for probably 3-4 minutes. It's a glass heater and around the glass looked like a burnt...
  7. chub04

    Betta at 72 degrees, temporarily

    Hey everyone, probably a dumb question, but thought I'd ask. Will my Betta be ok in temps around 70-72 degrees for a day, two at the most? I ordered a new heater, but won't be here until tomorrow night. I have a heater currently, but it's old and been having problems so I don't want to risk...
  8. apastuszak

    Coating a heater

    When you use friend Google to look up information about about aquarium heaters, there isn't a single major brand that doesn't have a failure story. Heaters with glass tubes have at least one story where the glass tube cracked and the fish got electrocuted. So, I a wondering now.... Has anyone...