not eating

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  1. D


    Hey, guys please I need help I don't want to lose him! His name is Peanut, he is a FlowerHorn fry about 1 to 1.5 inches long! I bought him about a month and a half ago. Since I got him he's always had trouble eating then for a good week he started eating every day. the last two weeks I haven't...
  2. FishyWarrior

    Neon tetras won't eat

    After the tragedy in my 40 gallon i decided to go ahead with my stocking plan of neon tetras. I got 15 of them and quarantined them for a whole month, and later got 9 more which i also quarantined. They were all doing very well in quarantine, they were all eating and seemed very healthy! But as...
  3. R

    Discus with head down symptom (Not eating, Headstanding, Loss of Balance)

    Good day everyone, I need some help on my discus with head down symptom (Headstanding, Loss of Balance). Few days ago I noticed one of my discus is having a head down symptom. He is not eating anymore. (Beside head down there is no other obvious symptoms - ie. heavy breathing, bloat, worm or...
  4. P

    Green Spotted Puffer Fish in Trouble Need HELP!!!

    Ok I have one pufferfish that is now suddenly refusing to eat. This is not the first time I have kept puffers, and they die under mysterious circumstances. It is kept in a 25 gallon brackish tank about 1.012 salinity. There are also 2 little mono sebaes with it. My Ph is about 7.6, the...
  5. 3

    Platies swimming too slow to get food during feeding

    Hi everyone, I recently added newcomers to my 20gal freshwater planted tank. Among them are 3 sunburst platies and 3 danios. Everyone is lively and exploring the tank to their heart's content. The problem is that compared to the danios and the existing diamond tetras, my platies swim much...