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  1. B

    Limnophila Sessiflora help needed!

    Hello! I have a problem with my Limnophila Sessiflora in one of my tanks. I have three different tanks, all of which have this plant in it. All of the tanks are low tech, I am dosing LiquiCarbo, and Aqulife TF Macro daily, and Aqualife TF Planter weekly according to the instructions on the...
  2. S

    Bazooka atomizer vs. Aquario neo cork diffusers

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum, and would like say thanks to everyone who will post on this thread. I currently have a 60l planted tank, medium stocked. I kind of cheaped out on the diffuser and am just get large bubbles of co2. I'm looking at two options to switch, namely a cork...
  3. HugoFish

    H2O2 has a problem!!

    BBA was getting a bit out of control so i decidet to try H2O2 for the first time in my tank.Removed all the fishes and applyed 15ml or 4 teaspoons for my 10gallon tank.The problem is that i waited 20 min and nothing happend , no bubbles nothing... Think that the problem must be the hydrogen...
  4. HugoFish

    Destroy BBA!

    Hi guys, the BBA is destroying my tank. it is all over my plants and I don't know how to stop it. I have reduced the lighting to 8 h per day but they still keep growing. I have watched videos that they mix H2O2 with seachem , but the problem is that I live in Albania, a place where you can only...
  5. FishL0ver

    Water Lettuce

    I have one water lettuce. I want more because just the one looks a little silly. How can I replant it?
  6. TBear

    Newbie with a Fresh Water tank

    Hey, so just recently bought a tank, it’s a 37 gallon tall tank. I have heater, air pump, topfin 40 filter, two live lowlight plants, a fake decora rock, gravel substrate, two kissing gourami, 2 gold gourami, 3 Chinese algae eaters, and my other smaller tank is a 20 gallon, with 3 platys, 2...
  7. M

    I need help identifying what plant is this

    i have java ferns marimo moss ball but I have no idea what this is can someone help identify?
  8. Neutral_Water

    What Did I Just Order?...

    Hey, recently I purchased 400-600 aka 2 medium sized bags 'Java moss grass' for my neon tetras after receiving some quality info on how to breed my pregnant neon tetra by some community members. After a lovely madam on this site told me Java Moss doesn't produce seeds and after a quick search I...