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  1. N

    my pleco looks like it is dying idk what to do i need help now

    so this is my bfs issue first off, but a couple days ago (maybe like 4 days ago) my bf got a common pleco from petco at about 5”. he is a beginner at this and did some research and really wanted one, the lady gave us her recommendations which were hardly any and placed the pleco in his tank that...
  2. T

    HELP plecos

    Hello, I had a friend who gave me three plecos. (They are in sepreate tanks and are all healthy.) One plecos is in my 40 gallon tank with two fancy goldfish. It is starting to attack my black moor during the night and feed on its slime coat. For the time being I have a tank divider up. One of...
  3. Arkmite

    I need help not killing a pleco!

    So my friend wants me to get his almost foot long pleco so it can live with my 2 black moors. I also have a few mystery snails in the tank. I have a few problems to start with already. This fish has lived in almost complete isolation for most of its life because it was bullied so bad by other...
  4. A

    Plecos and african dwraf frogs

    I added a africa d frog to my 29 gal tank yesterday and a few ahours later my 2 inch pleco was dead. Any ideas what might of cause this.. thank you