shrimp problems

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  1. Ijustlikefish

    Can I keep shrimp population down in a fluval edge 12 gallon?

    So I would like to pick up a fluval edge and keep shrimp in it, but I do not want these shrimp breed and overflow the tank. Can I just go in from. The hole in the top and net them? Or will I not be able to do that? keep in mind that I don't want fish with these shrimps.
  2. CinnamonPearl

    Shrimp Gone Missing Overnight

    I am completely and utterly baffled. So yesterday, I finally got my juvenile amano shrimp for my 38gal brackish tank (which is still freshwater). I acclimated the fifteen shrimp and put them in the tank, and last night they were all there, but this morning, they've all gone missing! I can only...