siamese fighter fish

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    Is my betta fish sick/dying or getting old or sleeping

    I have a Siamese fighting fish (Betta) for about a yearand about a month ago he started laying on the bottom of the tank. I have a 20L tank, heater, filter, thermometer, hiding spotsplastic plants. He used to be very active and only rested at night. He used to eat all the food I put in and...
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    Getting new fish

    I have a 125 litre tank and have 10 silver tip tetra, 5 Cardinal tetra, 1 neon tetra and a male Siamese fighter fish.... I want to get more fish I am gonna get a bristle nose Pleco but not sure what else is suitable and appropriate as I did have Serpea tetra and they fin nipped my cardinals and...
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    Cardinal tetra hiding from my silver tip tetras?

    Strange cardinal tetra behaviour I am a new aquarium owner. I have a 125 litre fish tank that I have had set up since the beginning of May. I have only had fish in it since Saturday though. On saturday day I went and bought 5 Serpea tetra, 6 Cardinal Tetra and a male Siamese fighter all at the...