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240 gallon Native tank


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That's a really nice setup. Great to see natives being kept in a tank that does them justice, with great scaping. For the pothos, you can just dangle the end in the water, or put it into the media of a small HOB. MAde me think of this video:


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Beautiful tank. Looks like a monster creek chub. How big is it?


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Ah, I have one. Didn't know what I was getting into when I pulled a bunch of 1/4 inch fry out of a warm ditch. I have read that exceptional individuals get to 10" and the record is around 12". So yours is in the range of decent size for them.

Mine is the biggest fish in his tank, and hides most of the time now. It's been an interesting fish over it's lifetime, but I wouldn't want one again unless I had a bigger tank.