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37 gallon stock ideas

John Duffy

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Just purchased a 37 gallon tank. I haven't started cycling yet so it'll be a couple weeks before I purchase any fish. Open to any and all suggestions. Looking for easy to care for fish and a variety of small to largeish fish.


...and over the edge.
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Large fish eat small fish... :D

Maybe one center pice of mid-size and several small groups and some bottom feeders such as cory?

John Duffy

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Thanks for getting back so quick and Haha yes I meant more mid sized fish rather then large. I love Cory’s and have kept them in the past. Definitely an option.


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You might look at 1 pearl gourami, 8-12 harlequin rasboras & a small bottom fish; keeping to an Asian theme, 8 dwarf chain loaches (ambastia sidthimunki) or 8 kuhli loaches

Or go South American with 1 angel, 8-10 high bodied tetras like lemons, but not nippy like serape (red miners); & 8 corys.
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John, what are your plans for décor? What type of substrate are you going to use? Filtration and lighting?

Close to a water source for easy water changes and maintenance?

37's are cool display size tanks. Nice footprint, but a right up to the shoulder soaker when it comes to reaching bottom LOL!