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AC a Proud Sponsor of Stingray Symposium, Chicago IL Aug 6~9 2008

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by neoprodigy, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. neoprodigy

    neoprodigy Administrator
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    Sep 29, 2005
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    Jun 22, 2017
    Monster Aquaria Network

    a proud sponsor of

    International Symposium
    Freshwater Stingray Biology

    Richard Ross, M.D., Director and Program Chairman

    Chicago, IL, August 6th ~ August 9th, 2008


    A note from the Director…

    Less than fifteen years ago, freshwater stingrays were seldom kept in home aquariums. Since then stingrays have become increasingly popular and with growing knowledge of their husbandry and breeding requirements, these interesting, intelligent and beautiful fish can now thrive and reproduce in aquariums. The goal of the Symposium is to offer presentations on all aspects of freshwater stingray husbandry, at all levels from novice hobbyists to advanced aquarium professionals. In addition to husbandry topics, we will also present papers on stingray conservation, legislation affecting stingrays, tank construction and design. It is our hope that this symposium will answer many of your questions regarding freshwater stingrays, and will also encourage you to appreciate the need for conservation, captive breeding, and responsibility. We certainly hope you enjoy this event, and look forward to your comments.

    Richard Ross, M.D.

    Events & Activities

    * Speakers on all aspects of freshwater stingray husbandry and biology
    * Behind the scenes visit to the Shedd Aquarium
    * Banquet dinner with renowned keynote speaker
    * Round Table discussions on:
    • Mega-Tank construction
    • Veterinary Care
    • Legislation
    • Water Quality and Filtration
    • Captive Breeding
    * Vendors room with live stingrays on display
    * Raffle drawing for a live Leopoldi, Henlei, or Pearl stingray (each registered guest will receive one raffle ticket)
    * Auction for aquarium supplies as well as a live Leopoldi, Henlei, or Pearl stingray
    * Photo and artwork contest. (Prizes to be announced)


    Stingrays and Snakes: 100 Million Years of Evolution
    Dr. Richard Ross, Center for Stingray Biology, California, USA

    Stingray Breeding Program at the Shedd Aquarium
    Erica Clayton, Collection Manager, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA

    Status of Stingray Conservation in Brazil
    Dr. Patricia Charvet-Almeida

    Stingrays of the Tocantins River System
    Education and Conservation Programs for Stingrays in Brazil

    Dr. Getulio Rincon Universidade Estadual Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil

    Health Management of Freshwater Stingrays

    Dr. Caryn Poll, Section Chief of Medicine, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA

    Ultrasound Evaluation of Pregnancy in Freshwater Stingrays

    Dr. Bill Van Bonn, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA

    Stingray Breeding Program at Belle Isle Aquarium

    James Langhammer, former curator, Belle Isle Aquarium

    Concepts in Filtration and Water Quality

    Michael Maranda, H2O Aquatics, New York, USA

    Megatank Construction
    Todd Ellis, Anything Fish, Washington, USA

    Techniques for Breeding Brazilian Stingrays

    Frank Zijlman and Nico vd Post

    Stingrays in the Wild

    Oliver Lucanus, Below Water, Toronto, Canada

    Additional Speakers to be Announced

    Round Table Topics

    Mega-Tank construction

    - design & construction

    Captive Breeding
    - requirements for successful breeding

    Veterinary Care
    - disease diagnosis and treatment

    - regulations pertaining to freshwater stingrays within the USA

    Water Quality and Filtration

    - management of water quality pertaining to freshwater stingrays

    Click here for more information and registration :


    for AC Meet discussions click here

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