Albino BN Pleco Male died

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Apr 8, 2022
I recently bred my male and female, and got 40 pleckets I plan to sell once they are 2 inches!
The male was a fantastic care giver and very healthy, and once I took the peckets out (for grow out), he started eating and seemed very healthy, then I found him dead in the tank!
He wasn't just dead either, his body looked beaten up and almost caved in? After that I kept an eye on the female who looked paler in color and I never witnessed her eating or defecating while attached to the glass, her belly appeared a bit swollen. I moved her to another tank where she seems to be doing better. Tank parameters were perfect, but I had put carbon in the filter to clear up preventative meds I had applied for new fish (I took this out after a week) and I had started playing with liquid CO2 alternative to promote plant growth and control alge. I was providing pleco tabs for feeding with occasional zucchini, and flakes/pellets to feed the other fish in the tank. Tank size is 29 gallon long, heavily planted.

Any ideas as to what happened to him? I was so sad! Also I'm brand new here, do folks sell fish here too? I have 40 to sell but I also want to buy another mature male assuming I figure out what killed the first one. Could the female have inflicted that damage? Other tank mates are two female bettas, gold white clouds and cardinal tetras, with various corys.