Ammonia is off the charts

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Feb 6, 2019
I've had my 10gal aquarium for over a month and I've been adding live plants and taking out store bought decorations well the last 4 days my ammonia level skyrocketed I've done two 85 to 90% water change and it's still registering at 1 and steadily raises what could be the problem I have like 8 stalks of Colombo Carolina, some mini grass and 2 other plants a betta, 5 neon tetras and cherry shrimp 4 I had 2 clumps of mini hemianthus callitrichoides but found that they were rotting from lack of co2 I used some Bacter AE for my shrimp.... but other than the two hemianthus I have another tank the same size and it's doing just fine any help would be awesome