Anemones and Lighting

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Apr 9, 2009
would an anemone do fine with a flourecent light being that the tank is a 10 gallon and the light is not that far up from the rocks. Thus supplying more light to the anemone or whatever light requiring organism. What about the actinic light?


Jan 9, 2009
Actinic brings out promotes slow growth but really its more of a display light to bring out color more with the more blue light it gives off.

I don't know what kind of light you have but for 10g its limited. I had an Anemone under the coralife PC that sits over a 10g..i dont recall its exact model..but it was as small as I could find to fit on that thing.

My Anenome was fine... i fed him once a week with krill then discovered silversides..which he liked a lot.

your main concern is maintaining water parameters and its easy to throw it out of wack on tank so small. Be sure to keep that water clean by doing a 2g+ water change weekly. 1g minimal but 2g to 5g would be good since you are not able to skim ...the only filter you have is the live rock and hob types fresh water uses.

good luck on that one... I know more today then i did back then.... I probably wouldn't have gone 10g with Anemone and Clown.

That Anemone will move where he thinks feels best... if you could get a power head in there if you dont have one already.

Good luck on that extra carefull on parameters. You should be fine if you keep the water in check.


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Feb 14, 2007
Mobile, Alabama
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Lighting requirements will vary by species. Some do fine under as low as multiple normal output fluorescents, whereas a couple of species pretty much demand high wattage, point source metal halide lighting.