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Any Old Faces


It's me
Hey Guy how's the clown biz going did you ever call any of the lfs #'s I sent you? Glad to see you back! How's the new house


Charlie and Amanda's Daddy
Great to see you back around Guy.

When was the last time? I don't think years but it Has to be at least 6-8 months.

Welcome back!


It's me
Ok what happens on 5/19 ?


Senior N00b
I remember you. And the Tool avatar too. And I'm just a senior newb.


Charlie and Amanda's Daddy
Hey there maxilaria.

So you want to know what happens on May 19th eh????


and this

That is what is happening on May 19th

Guy W

AC Members
Hey everyone, and thanks for everyone that remembers me saying hi. To all interested, much has happened in the last year or so.

I no longer have my 125g reef tank. I sold it to a friend because of moving again, and not wanting to move it yet again when I am finally able to purchase a house.

The clownfish breeding went well, but selling them proved to be very difficult. Before we knew it we had well over 5000 1/4" to 1/2" clowns that we couldn't sell due to size, and couldn't raise up due to space. Who would have thought it would take a year for them to grow to sellable size :help: Oh well my mistake, but it was fun while it lasted. We sold them all off at a big discount to someone, but still have the breeding pairs, just no real plans to propogate them anymore.

The Florida hurricanes last year didn't impact me too badly. Some minor flooding and wind damage in town but I wasn't affected at all. So that was good. Sorry to anyone that was affected.

Anyway, some day I'll set up another reef tank and maybe try to breed up some more baby clown fish for my reef, until then I'll pop by from time to time.

Oh ya, I also got a motorcycle, a yamaha vstar 650 custom and I've been playing a lot of poker, hold'em. Thats my new addiction.
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