Aqueon 250watt heater big fail

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Barbarian Tyrant
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Oct 16, 2012
Mackinaw MI
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I was tearing down my 75gallon today and here is the submersible Aqueon heater that served it for 7 years. That's a metal tube that spit folks and I don't know why! We heat with wood and our household temps go up and down between 70F thru 80F for the most part so room temperature has maintained tank water temp I suppose; this heater sure wasn't working. And no, it never froze and never blew a breaker or electrocuted or cooked any fish.

Anyway the receipt is long gone but I'm tempted to send it in for the limited warranty but that would be at my cost so probably not. I have an Ehiem heater the same age still working in my 65g.
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