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Oct 16, 2008
Wonderful Windy Wyoming
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Did you cycle the tank before you got the betta? Have you tested for nitrite?
I was wondering that as well initially, but if his test kit is accurate and he's running the test coreectly, it's pretty unlikely that he's zero for ammonia and nitrites and also showing a 10 ppm reading for nitrates unless the tank has been cycled.

Is he pooping at all, and if so, what color is it? I'm starting to wonder if it's an internal infection or a bowel blockage.



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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Some people have nitrate in their tap water...that's why I asked about cycling. We all know folks come home with a tank & 3 days later get a fish...

Good poop questions WYite. l

OP you might bump up the temp to 78-82. Bettas like warm water & cooler will slow them down both by activity & in digestion. He's new & needs some time to adjust to his new home. Continue to offer a flake, 1 or 2 tiny pellets or a bloodworm. But be sure to remove uneaten food within, say, 12 hours. You might also try a tiny bit of thawed frozen pea (just the "pea guts" not the outer shell covering).

Like everyone has said, not eating for a couple weeks is not a big deal to otherwise healthy fish. Can you try for better pics please?
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