Bottom Dwellers for Diamond Tetras?

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Sep 24, 2019
The 12 Diamond Tetras in my 50gal cycled/planted tank were taking bites out of the 6 Anaeus cory-cats - I've moved the cats out altogether, and am trying to find another freshwater bottom-dweller that might be a better fit.

I'm taking steps to decrease the aggression in general by adding more female Diamonds, as well as more plants and hardscape to break up line of sight - so if I need to add more hidey-holes to the scape at this point for a loach of some sort would be no big deal - however, it's smooth gravel rather than sand (Sera "anthracite") so sand-sifters are out, and it's a Sea-Clear without a top, so Kulis or other jumpers might be a terrible idea.

I have seen suggestions elsewhere that Synodontis cats can survive cichlid tanks (so might not be as stressed out by the ever-active Diamonds) and stay relatively small - should I try them, or is there a more obvious choice I am missing? I appreciate the help!


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1) Synodontis cats would rater have "Hard Alkaline" water, just the opposite of the Diamonds.
2) Most Syno cats grow big, 5inches plus.
3) Adding more females will not stop the aggression. I think probably they are just hungry, I have never seen aggressive diamond.