Bought some mollies, question on how much salt to add?

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Aug 11, 2021
Looking at all the pretty molly pics here was too much for me, I gave into temptation and bought a pair yesterday. I didn't want to add salt to my 29, because I thought it could possibly be bad for my albino bn pleco. But I did add a tablespoon of API aquarium salt yesterday. I'd like to eventually wean the mollies off salt altogether. For now, if I add a teaspoon to every 4 gallon water change, would that be okay for all the fish? Is salt okay for plecos? And I would just gradually stop adding salt altogether, as long as the mollies don't show signs of stress. Right now they look great. They are black lyretail/high fin mollies.

(No, I didn't quarantine, but I did move most of the other fish into other tanks for now)
Mollies are a hardy fish and some aquarium salt is beneficial for them. Dont worry about adding it, just make sure other tank mates and plants do not get effected by adding the salt. otherwise, it's absolutely fine to add some salt.