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buying used tanks

Ian h

AC Members
I'm looking to buy 1-2 more tanks. I've seen some on kijiji for cheap but they look kinda dirty. Do you all recommend buying it? if so what do I use to clean it?
or should I just save and buy new tanks?

the loach

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I wouldn't hesitate in buying a used tank if the price is right... they are always dirty, but that is usually just a matter of some elbow grease and vinegar.

Ian h

AC Members
vinegar? ok perfect! yea the price is amazing! I might pick it up on monday. Gotta see how $ is first lol


...and over the edge.
Staff member
Fill with water and check for leaks, then buy....especially if a large tank.

Magic Eraser for the clean....
Depends on how much you value your time, potentially. as well as the cost of replacing the tank.

Also be wary of scratches if you want the aquarium to be for display purposes, rather than just a box of water holding fish to breed or whatever.
Personally, I'm trying to convert to mostly low-iron and rimless aquariums... don't seem to find many for sale around.

If you were closer, there's a bunch of empty glass boxes laying around here,

Ian h

AC Members
Yea I like the look of rimless tanks! Yeah I've seen soooooo many more deals in the U.S. than here in Canada. Plus I'm not sure how safe shipping a tank would be .