Camallanus worms? Black thread? Bloat

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Aug 9, 2020
Hi my first post here, I really need help, my Oscar fishis still bloated “3 weeks” her anus is swollen stomach and fins, she still swims right up to me interested in food at times not feeding her much, she acting more agitated Now than ever. I have fenbendazole flakes arriving tomorrow. I tried Metronidazole religiously. Than levimisole from agrilabs at 4ppm just about a gram for my 75 gallon tank. Within an hour she completely changed very agitated zooming around tank. The levimisole also made her resent food for 2-3 days like even scared of the smell of it. I did a very low dose to, I’ve heard up to 13ppm some people use 5g per 100gallon.”5 days ago” should I do second dose???? I’m not even sure if she has worms but for a week she’s had this black worm or thread. levimisole had no effect at all? I can’t find any info on black worms or anything. 3 weeks researching every day calling vets still no idea what’s going on. At first maybe really bad constipation but she can still pass peas. Either a bad protozoan infection, or I think she may have a bad nematode infestation. She does swim erratically when pooping even weeks leadinup to this before bloat would swim erratically at times when pooping Please any advice/comments thanks a lot.812BC7DC-8AB3-4F5F-A525-795EE7BAE83A.png50C1580A-0AB5-4AD2-9D92-F6C418CCBB1A.png6DEF88FD-B91E-4AE1-9401-DC9E275C8CC3.pngFB27233C-8B77-4783-9729-93689E00D438.pngCF33E97A-FCB5-400D-A7B6-76D648F08C32.png94CFBF05-17C3-4A8D-94D3-19932BE539AE.png8023E1F3-F9CF-4DE1-9313-CB5536C49FAE.png6EF64D99-9D5F-4BFA-A8FF-635EB92290B5.png