Concerned about my rope fish...

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Jan 20, 2020
So i have had Sly (my african rope fish) for about 6 months now...hes awesome, active and thankfully, hasnt escaped on me yet...he is currently in a 29 gallon tank with 2 peacock cichlids...they are good together, he doesnt try to mess with them and vise versa...i recently moved and after setting up the tank and getting Sly back in his home i decided to try him on a different i did more reading on my little guy and found out they like small fish as some of these searches are saying yes they can be fed everyday while others saying 2 or 3 times a week and so on and so here are my questions im hoping i might find some input and advise on...
1.) How often should I feed him?
2.) What are some other ideas for his diet?
And last
3.) Why is he all fat now?
I ask this question because im a little concerned...he had 4 small minnows and ate 3...because i was going out of town for a few days i went ahead and got 3 more small minnows for him so he would still be able to hunt and eat...when i got home again all but 1 minnow was left...the reason i am concerned is because he is now fat fat and a little bit ago he was at the bottom of the tank with his mouth open...but he is still very much alive and moving...yes i know they get fat after eating and will digest and poo and all that stuff (im not durdur like that)...i just dont want my little dude to get sick or die and wanna make sure im doing this right (as this is the first rope fish ive ever had)...any thoughts or input? I attached a picture of him...just dont know if this its normal...thank you for any input