Custom HOB Skimmer For Sale

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Oct 12, 1998
Morris Township, NJ
This is a byproduct of my foray into saltwater. Don't let the lack of a brand name discourage you, if you want a cheap, well-made skimmer you are in luck. Take advantage of my stupidity! I payed $170 for this a few years back, and it was only used for a year or so. It's been sitting in my basement ever since.

This hang on back skimmer is rated for 100 gallons. The LFS has a guy that makes these by hand. It is a Venturi skimmer, using a RIO 600 pump. Large collection cup, all PVC/plastic construction. Overflow has a sponge to stop bubbles from getting into tank. This unit pulled a lot of junk out of my SW tank:

Only thing missing is the airfilter for the intake on the venturi.

Asking $50.00 or best offer. Will ship anywhere, buyer pays shipping.

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