Discus with head down symptom (Not eating, Headstanding, Loss of Balance)

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Jun 26, 2017
Good day everyone,

I need some help on my discus with head down symptom (Headstanding, Loss of Balance).
Few days ago I noticed one of my discus is having a head down symptom. He is not eating anymore.
(Beside head down there is no other obvious symptoms - ie. heavy breathing, bloat, worm or hole in the head)

I moved the fish to the 20 gallon hospital tank right the way.
In the hospital tank temp set at 82F with the airstone. I did the daily water 50 to 70 % water change with prime.
I also put some salt as well. (1 table spoon per 10 gallon)

When I do the water changes I didn't see any worms or white poop.

What kind of medication should I use? Should I add some epsom salt into the tank?
I read something online said set the water level couple inches just over the fish's back will that help?

Any suggestion how to treat the head down and not eating problem will be greatly appreciate.

Have a great day,