Dosing Fenbendazole powder to kill hydra. Please help me figure out dosing instructions so I don't kill my shrimp

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Oct 7, 2007
Hi everyone. I have Four shrimp tanks and I have found green hydra in two of them. I fear they are probably in all four, three of the tanks have juvies and shrimplets. one has chili rasboras also. The tanks are 1 - 10g and the other three about 8 gallons. So I am looking for dosing instructions for 10 gallon tank.

I have bought this powder online. Thomas labs Fenbendazole powder in 250 mg packets. I have no way to measure this out in mg or ml or g. I also have no syringes, basically just a simple measuring cup set that has like teaspoon to cups.

looking for the correct way to split the 250mg package and how much water to mix it into before adding it to the tank and how much to add to the tank

I really appreciate any and all help I should be getting the powder today and hope to treat asap as I have lost a shrimp and a chili rasbora since finding the hydra and its possible they have been the cause of single losses in the past I have just not seen them because they are so small.



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Aug 14, 2001
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Get the appropriate equipment. There's really not a cheat that will give you the appropriate dosing.