Female Convict Cichlid Being Attacked

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Jun 11, 2024
So I have a pair of convict cichlids, that bred for the first time when I got them 3 weeks back. Yesterday night I saw the male chasing the female here and there, and I assumed it was regular cichlid behavior as they do that. Today around 12pm I checked in on the fry (they were with the parents) and found the female hiding at the top of the tank, her tail completely nipped off, and her fins torn. She was heavily breathing and could barely move. I quickly moved the male to a different tank and the female went and hid between the rocks in the fry tank. Its been 5 hours since I moved the male and the female is still alive, but I have NO IDEA how to take care of her, or what to do. Just keep in mind that I'm unable to get meds (I have Epsom salt only) anytime this week because I live in a rural area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Lots of water changes will help the female heal. She maybe too stressed by her injuries to take care of the fry; some may survive anyway.

Do you have a plan for any fry that live? Convicts breed at least monthly so keep them separate for now...& maybe into the future. When in our early cichlid keeping days, we could not give them away (not convicts, they're even worse).

You had the fun of breeding them once, an interesting thing...but not when they do it all the time!