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Floating Java Moss

Reido Dorito

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I'm trying to find a way to add some shade to my skirt tetras' tank, and I thought I would use some java moss, since it grows like crazy, and looks pretty nice when it starts to spread out.

Anybody have any ideas on how to float it? I've heard you can use cork or styrofoam, but I'm not really sure what'll work best.



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I'd go with something like red root floaters rather then java moss on a cork or Styrofoam. It's more aesthetically pleasing to me...& I'm on a major moss hate for the last many years; it goes & attaches everywhere.
For me it would likely depend on the size of your aquarium and the type of lighting, red root floaters do look great if the light is high enough.

There are also some plants that have big enough leaves that would fold over at the surface of your aquarium (say crypts or anubias) that would provide plenty of shade too.

to me, moss is too much work to keep clean and pruned.. and just ends up looking like it's there to facilitate fish breeding rather than for display.

Reido Dorito

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Awesome, thanks for your suggestions! I'll look into the plants you mentioned! Those red roots look great. I just hope I can find them at the pet store; they have a knack for having a crappy floater selection, lol.

As far as anubias goes, did you mean, like, grown toward the surface? I'll have to look into some crypts too! Thanks again.

Yeah, I head duckweed was a solid thing to block light. Maybe I'll look into it. Kinda sounds like a less leafy java moss in that you can pretty much never get rid of it once you've got it. Haha!
Not all anubuas have leaves less than an inch long.. some have them 6+ inches... They work well fir fish to hide under and get shade..

Our wild bettas seem to like them for that.
If you want something small and floating, but without the hassle of duckweed if you don't want it, check into one of the azolla species.

Reido Dorito

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Oh, gotcha. My betta loves the anubias nana I've got in there, as well. I'll have to check out the other varieties you mentioned.

I'll have to look into the azollas. Thanks for the recommendation!


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DO NOT get duckweed on purpose!! It's a weed that's very hard to control, don't do it!!!

If you want another idea, maybe Indian floating fern (ceratopteris cornuta) , but it can get big if not pruned regularly as can water sprite (ceratopteris thalcritoides).

I forget what tank size you have, can you say again? Maybe some lower light stem plants would be better...

Reido Dorito

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Oh my. Sounds intense. Guess I'll avoid it then, lol.

Yeah, I've heard about water sprite, but I'll have to check out the Indian water fern. Thanks for the recommendations!

Of course. It's a 20g high.