Flourish and yellowing Java fern

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Jul 31, 2022
As a follow up: I haven’t added flourish to my fish tank since the last post in march. No yellowing and dying leaves since. However I still have pinholes and curly new leaves. I recently started using equilibrium in my snail tank on twotanks recommendation since my calcium and magnesium were measuring at zero and their shells were eroding. I also added a bit to the fish since they measured zero also. As soon as I added the equilibrium 2 more leaves began to yellow. I immediately ordered the seachem potassium and on the next water change I used the equilibrium to match the gh and added the potassium at the same time. Guess what? No yellowing. Next week I’m going to resume using the flourish with extra potassium.
I think I’m getting the upper hand here albeit slowly.
thanks to everyone for their time and support. You guys are great people!